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Nashua Flight
Civil Air Patrol
Nashua, NH


The mission of the Nashua Flight is to provide trained professional emergency services volunteers to support the wide ranging missions of New Hampshire Wing while at the same time conducting an exemplary Cadet program that works to produce competent productive citizen leaders for our nation's future. Additionally, to support the CAP Aerospace Education program goals within our community by providing consistent community outreach.


The Nashua Flight will strive to be the premier squadron in the State of New Hampshire. As the "go to" squadron we will continually operate on the leading edge of New Hampshire Wing and North East Region missions while defining the standard for "mission success". This will be accomplished while maintaining and upholding the Civil Air Patrol's Core Values.


  • Continue to recruit quality volunteers so that the squadron will at a minimum maintain its present strength while developing a larger cadre of active people.

  • Increase the squadron's cohesiveness and mission effectiveness by conducting two bivouacs per year in conjunction with Wing GTTS.

  • Increase unit pilots to fulfill/exceed the required slots per aircraft.

  • Increase the level of Cadet Leader participation in operational long and short range planning.

  • Establish a unit Chief of Pilot/Air Crew position, to be the gate keeper for aircrew SQTRs.

  • Establish a Ground Crew Chief of Certifications, to operate as the gate keeper for all ground SQTRs.

  • Turn the 4th Thursday into "Operations Thursday".The goal is to work all aspects of the squadron's ES and support capabilities to get more members active and involved.

  • Ensure all key staff positions are filled with active informed members such that the squadron is capable of supporting its Wing missions, and our members training and education needs.

  • Establish an awards system within the squadron to recognize those members that give that extra effort.

  • Instill a "One Squadron" mentality within the unit.We are a Flight with a wealth of talent that can be pooled to do great things.

  • Make sure we don't forget to have FUN!

Statement to Members

Members and Cadets

I am a firm believer in public service and pretty much have spent my whole life doing it.I am in the Civil Air Patrol because of the great things the organization does for our communities and our youth. I will lay out below my philosophy of command. I have also attached to this email my mission statement, vision statement and unit goals.


I place communication first because nothing we do can be done well without honest, open and effective communications. We have several mailing lists available to us in the squadron and I will be using them with regularity to disseminate information.I will get pertinent information out to you as rapidly as possible.I need to know bad news immediately, remember that bad news does not get better with time.The Chain of Command needs to be aware of things so we can make effective decisions about how to best help.


Proper planning is the key to participation and mission success. Key leaders will meet monthly on the third Tuesday to discuss long range and sort range planning. Flight events will be placed on the calendar in sufficient time to allow members to plan for participation. My goal will be to lock the calendar down at the 3-month point so that the only pop-up items will be real world missions.


I do not expect everyone to be at everything the Squadron and Wing do all the time. This is a volunteer organization and most of you have full time jobs and/or school that demand your time. Participation levels should be at a point where you feel that you can do your SAR or support mission effectively when called on. I believe that SAREX and TRAINEX participation is a must. You don't need to make every one of them, but be honest with yourself about your skills.Remember, many of our operational skills are quite perishable and those events are one of the best places to hone them.


In everything we do, we need to carry ourselves as professionals. The "I'm just a volunteer" phrase does not hold water with me. Professionalism has nothing to do with pay, but everything to do with how you approach your task.We are an integral part of the Nation's Emergency Response Plan and it is our responsibility to be fully prepared to perform our tasks at a high level. Part of professionalism includes wearing of uniforms.The Civil Air Patrol has specific regulations about the wear of uniforms. A professional knows them and adheres to them.If you are unsure of uniform items please ask.Whatever uniform you chose to wear remember you are representing us, so make sure that it is correct, serviceable and suitable to the situation.

Personal Growth

Everyone has room to grow within themselves.I have a personal goal of learning at least one new thing each day. In CAP personal growth can be obtained through learning new ES skills, helping out with the Aerospace Education program and more specifically through the Professional Development Program.The professional development program provides career tracks for almost any interest area, most of which are critical to the effective operation of the Squadron.If you don't have a track, get one, if you aren't helping out on staff, step up to the plate and lend a hand.Remember cadets can pursue certain PD tracks and should look to help too.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. I look forward to working with each of you in the future.

Greater Nashua Flight Commander

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